Saturday, December 7, 2013
Two years later and I am laughing my guts off :)

My bitcoin have gone way up to 1200 and wobbeled about a bit (a few hundered per 'wobbel'... )
Some smart trading increased my nuber of bitcoin by 180%
Still beleive it can go way higher ;)

Peter Lunk


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Friday, June 24, 2011
Bitcoinplus doin ok...

Hi again all...

As you can see in the top right of this blog I have installed the BTC website javascript miner from bitcoinplus.com here...

I have this java app allso on several of my hi traffic websites...


My Speed
Your total hash rate is 13.12 Mhashes per second (13123511 hashes per second).

This will result in 11.00000 payouts per hour, or 0.01279344 BTC per day.

It's not that much but as yall know im still experimenting :)
And this is better income then google ads so far :)

Im waiting with payout till it's at something like 0.1 BTC...
They charge a 0.01 fee to send BTC to your own wallet...

Peter Lunk

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
MrLunk becomes ฿itCoin-Boy :)

Hi there !

I am Peter Lunk from Haarlem Holland...

I started my BitCoin adventure only a few days ago...

I havn't yet bought any BitCoin but did do a fair load of reading and learning about the BitCoin concept...

Ofcourse I am aware of the latest BitCoin 'robbery' of 500.000 US$ in BTC,
and of the MTGox affair...

I myself included the BitCoinPLUS.com website miner on a couple of my hi traffic websites...

In the 1st 24 hours it made me approx. 0.00039 BTC wich seems to be a fair amount for starters :)

I am planning on buying some bitcoin in the near futute...
I signed up for mtGox exchange account for buying my BitCoin in the near future because I can easily pay with a PaySafeCard .

Stay tuned :)

I'll keep updating this blog with my expierences ;)

Feel free to push me some microBTC ;)

every 0.0001 counts :) for a starting collector...

Peter Lunk

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